Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Watch Videos
Simply click on the thumbnail image of any video or its title to play the video.

If I Can't See The Videos What Should I Do
You need to have Flash 8 or higher in order to be able to view videos on HigherPraiseTube. Download Adobe Flash Player Here.

What Video Formats Should I Use When Uploading Videos
We accept avi,mpg,mov,asf,mpeg,xvid,divx,3gp,mkv,3gpp,mp4,rmvb,rm,dat,wmv,flv and ogg

Here is a list of free programs to encode your videos
Windows Media Encoder 9
Mplayer / MEncoder (Advanced Users)

I Am Uploading A Video And There Is A Box For Tags. What Are Tags?
Tags are simply keywords that allow users to search for your video. Whenever someone types one of your tags into

the search field, your video will be presented in the search results. This is arranged by how closely their search matches your tags.

Can I Download Videos From HigherPraiseTube
At this time, we do NOT support downloading videos from the HigherPraiseTube site. However, we do encourage you

to add your favorite HigherPraiseTube videos to any website you want! When you view a video, there is a box to the right

of video screen that says "Embed". Copy the code in the box and paste it into the section of your site where you want to see the video.

How Can I Share My Videos To Someone
log in first, Click Email icon,

In Inbox Menu click New Message! 

Then enter the recipient in the appropriate field  from your list of  friends! "to the right of page.

Then select a video file,

A brief message and click "send".Your video selection is now shared with a friend.

To share a video with anyone,

Play a video you would like to send.

Under the video click "Share"

You have 2 options,  click "Send Video"

Put in recipients email address

A brief message and click "send".Your video selection is now shared.


You can also copy the link to the video’s HigherPraiseTube page from your browser’s address bar and paste it into emails

and instant messages.

How DoYou Monitor Video Content
HigherPraiseTube approves ALL videos after uploaded to our site. To report any offensive material you find on the site, contact us.

How Do I Upload A Video To HigherPraiseTube

To upload a video onto HigherPraiseTube, use the following procedure:

Log in or register with HigherPraiseTube.
In the top right corner, click the “Upload” button. Choose Upload Video files. 
Fill in the appropriate fields to name the video, choose tags, and select at least one channel where your video should reside.

To the right of page choose whether you want the video made “Public” (available to all) or “Private” (viewable only by yourself

and those you invite)Then press “Submit”.
On the second screen, click the “Browse” button. Then select the video file on your computer that you want to upload.
Click “Upload”. Uploading your video may take some time depending on the file size and your bandwidth. You can keep track

of the upload status with the status bar on the page.

Your video will then be temporarily approved and made available on your personal page. Our video monitors will then

review the video, if it is fully approved it will stay up.


What Stance Does HigherPraiseTube Take Concerning Copywrite Issues
We endeavor to maintain the integrity of HigherPraiseTube in keeping with our own Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and

Copyright Policy. If you believe you are the copyright holder of a video that has been posted to

by one of our users, please notify us immediately. We will take all the appropriate steps to remedy the situation provided

by law according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

How Do I Report An Inappropriate Video
If you see a video that you think is inappropriate based on our Terms of Use, you can report it to us for review by contacting us.

Our community understands the Terms of Use and effectively polices the site for inappropriate content (similar to other open

internet communities such as eBay and craigslist). Their vigilance combined with our proprietary technology helps us to

enforce our community standards.