Chinese School Girls Getting...
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Chinese School Girls Getting Slammed by Holy Spirit
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Despite severe persecution Christians in China are flourishing and churches are growingnChina is a magnificent country full of history mystery and captivating beauty But behind the wall lies a terrible truth a truth about which many Westerners are unaware Chinese Christians suffer unimaginable brutality and suffering because of their faith Meet first-hand those who live work and sacrifice daily for their belief in ChristnUnderground Christians report brutal beatings and other torture including a method seemed designed for Christians that entails crushing the ankles of victims while they are forced to kneel--this Christian torture was applied to Liu Zhenying one of the eight arrested in Henan in March breaking his anklenOn Sept 24 1996 in Tanghe Henan police arrested Elder Feng Brother Zheng Brother Xin Sister Li and Sister Luo According to a note smuggled from prison the authorities bound Sister Luos arms behind her in an agonizing position and she was beaten unconscious One of the men almost died from being beaten for nine days and nights Members of the group were also poked with electric cattle prods often while bound They have been sentenced to three years labor campnIn Sichuan the police have been arresting and fining Christians once or twice a year as a form of extortion If the family cant pay the police beat the detainee sometimes while he is suspended from the ceiling Often they will do this in the presence of the family until the family is ready to do anything to pay

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Chinese School Girls Getting Slammed by Holy Spirit
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