The Mark of the Beast is NOT a...
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The Mark of the Beast is NOT a Microchip Currency Tattoo or Barcode
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All of us begin as babies who do not understand the spiritual things of GOD. But as time continues and we continue to grow and learn in the truth and maturity, we need to adapt to the reality of what we actually see being fulfilled. This video gives solid undeniable proof that the traditional BABYlon teaching that the mark of the beast is a microchip, credit card, bar code, tattoo or some form of currency is WRONG. The video also presents undeniable PROOF of what the mark of the beast really is, and how it is already active all across the world. Please give yourself full opportunity to learn by watching the entire video instead of jumping to conclusions with pre-judgment based upon what you THINK you already know. We must ALL be willing to learn and grow in truth.

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The Mark of the Beast is NOT a Microchip Currency Tattoo or Barcode
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