NWO CHAOS! Chip inside the Vaccine...
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This is a video response to NEW WORLD ORDER
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NWO CHAOS! Chip inside the Vaccine Spread this video!
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Many Internet people fear that the military will be used against citizens in regards to possibly forcing on them Swine flu vaccines, RFID tags, and internment in concentration camps. That would amount to war and crimes against the citizens. I have read that one of the direct effects of that vaccine is that it causes the lungs to fill up with fluid. The person died just hours after taking the recent version of the Swine flu vaccine.

Life Saving Information I am uploading here and they are NOT my videos but the authors want them spread far and wide so I have their blessings.
Here is where I am coming from:

Go to a remote place if you can and plan to live there at least for a couple of months if you want to avoid this choice:

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NWO CHAOS! Chip inside the Vaccine Spread this video!
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