Im Gonna Make It After All - Rance...
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Im Gonna Make It After All - Rance Allen
Added: 2662 day(s) ago
very uplifting song by Rance Allen and his Group. Im Gonna Make It After All. 2011 Album - The Live Experience.
I don't know) i don't know
what tomorrow gonna bring
It may be sunshine
and then again it may be rain
All i know is I'm
Gonna make it after all

(You may say) You may say Rance how do you know?
What the future holds How can you be sure Well
He who holds the future He also holds my hand

ah yes He does
You can say what you want
and do what you will
but I'm ain't gonna let it get me down
The road is rough
and the mountains get hard to climb
But I'm aint gonna let it get me down

Cant you see that I'm a little too strong
This why I can't wrong
Not as long as I hold on
Hold on

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Im Gonna Make It After All - Rance Allen
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