Speak To Me - Evan Wickham
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Speak To Me - Evan Wickham
Added: 1466 day(s) ago
Submitted:Nov 26, 2011
love this song.
Evan Wickham singer, song writer.
Verse 1:
You spoke a word the universe awoke in brilliant light
And gracefully galaxies adorned the ancient night
You speak Your heart reveal Your thoughts for every fallen tear
The power of perfect love has overcome all fear

Speak to me, Father I am listening
I'm confident Your promises are all I need
Speak to me, Heaven's perfect mysteries
Oh Comforter, Your healing Word is all I need so speak to me

Verse 2:
You spoke a word Your voice was heard beyond the holy veil
That One would come Your only Son whose blood would never fail
And now I see the mystery Your purpose I have learned
My sacrifice is Jesus Christ the very Living Word

Oh my God, at Your Word the heavens shine, at Your word the dead will rise
At Your Word Your people cry to You
Oh my God, at Your Word the darkness shakes, at Your Word the earth will quake
At Your Word my chains will break
Oh my God, at Your Word the blind will see, the mute will speak, the lame will leap
The slave will be forever free and we will sing
Speak To Me - Evan Wickham
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