No Verichip For Me Thanks!
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No Verichip For Me Thanks!
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A few weeks back I posted something about the war, how it was not to be taken as a movie. The idea that the war is used as a form of escapism by the media, like a hyper real Reality TV show is basically abhorrent to me. But even worse is the idea that sustaining the war, and not being concerned about winning it is a priority of the corporate machine of the world. Think I'm lying? Research.

So the idea that a war is being fought for sustaining wealth was something I could not support. So I really started paying attention. Normally when I run across films about Conspiracy Theories and such I, like you, sometimes think that so much is founded on non factual data. But I do cross research, and in doing so spend endless hours of watching, reading and writing. Well, what I found was that while I was blogging away about music, movies and art... Bills were being introduced and passed without my consent from the government whose salary I help pay for. Worse, the News Media is helping them to forge ahead with an idea so grounded in Nazism and Fascism, that I found it more disturbing than a gory slasher flick. Here is a compilation made from the films and sites...

The full length movie by Aaron Russo (may he rest in peace as a hero of the world) is Freedom To Fascism. I wondered why this information had never been seen before. Now I know. We all need to know. In his film, Aaron was trying to find out if there was a constitutional law that stated that we have to pay a Federal Income Tax. As he went further into the mysteries of the IRS, he discovers something more horrid in the board rooms of corporate America. A plan to rob the American populace of all their freedoms under the guise of security and protection. A plan not so different than the one Hitler used to murder over six million people. This is an important film...

And that's why I am reminded of Logan's Run. In the movie, Logan is happily at ease with his world of killing and enforcing the laws of the society in which he inhabits. But when his crystal is turned off, he has to run with the very people he treated as slaves. His friends are now his enemies, and the technology which kept him safe now seeks to destroy him. Good film.

The site that I became fascinated with uses a logo similar to that of Intel's, which states, 'No Verichip Inside'. It was here that I learned about how crazy this thing has become. The site is We The People Will Not Be Chipped. Spread it! But more importantly, oppose the tracking and control of human beings. Oppose anything that violates your freedoms. This is why we live in this country. It's about time Americans started to behave as the founding fathers intended. Show your support! Oppose The Real ID Act. March, write, sing, paint, scream, film and be free! You have the power. People have the power.

-- Mr. End

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No Verichip For Me Thanks!
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