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Mighty to Save - Hillsong United - Lead Guitar
Added: 1817 day(s) ago
TABS: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bwng-7fbpyDabVJsSkxmY2pmSTQ/edit?usp=sharingKey: I played it in G, but is originally in A.Tempo: 76 BPMGuitar: Gretsch Black PenguinAmp: Vox AC15 CC1 (Chinese)Pedals: TU-2, Jekyll and Hyde (Overdrive only), TS-808, Nova Delay, Holy Grail NanoIntro and Verse: Nova Delay Holy GrailChorus: Jekyll and Hyde Nova Delay Holy GrailBridge: Jekyll and Hyde TS-808 Nova Delay Holy GrailHere is a Roman Numeral chord chart:http://flic.kr/p/bmC9vhAnd an analysis:http://www.8notes.com/school/theory/roman_numeral_analysis.aspFeel free to ask questions!All parts put together: http://youtu.be/XgAVmynC60oSupport by liking my Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/JoshhBarrios

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Mighty to Save - Hillsong United - Lead Guitar
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