On the Third Day
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On the Third Day
Added: 3010 day(s) ago
I haven't made or uploaded any videos in quite a while. I wanted one for my website www.handofgod.com.au as Easter is fast approaching. This is entitled 'On the Third Day' by Matt Maher. Please enjoy and feel free to comment
If there are any of you out there gifted with the ability of song writing/music, I would love it if you would check out some of the poems I have written, which are available to view on my website www.handofgod.com.au and let me know if any could be put to music. Would love to hear from you. Doug

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On the Third Day
THE STINGER - Jesus sacrifice for us is shown in this - PARABLE OF A BEE!
Worthy Is The Lamb - hillsong - The Passion